Ren Che Foundation structures grants to support recipients in being innovative, responsive, efficient and adaptable.


Investment Strategies

Ren Che Foundation awards support for original research, programs with multiple synergistic objectives, community-building initiatives, early-stage innovations with potential for transformation at scale, and unrestricted funds for uniquely promising initiatives. Ren Che Foundation prioritizes funding for work that produces Local Results, Global Impact in the context of our changing climate and empowers the world’s Eight Billion Brains.

Local Results, Global Impact

At the intersection of climate change and health opportunities exist to affect human health and well-being while mitigating the risks associated with new weather patterns and extreme weather events. Ren Che Foundation invests in projects that reduce the risk of global environmental change while producing near-term, proximal benefits to human health and prosperity, such as:

  • Socially just and environmentally responsible technologies
  • Forest preservation, forest expansion, and reforestation
  • Greening of roofs and urban environments
  • Community resiliency projects with economic, social and health impacts
  • Negative emissions practices and environmental restoration

Eight Billion Brains

Ren Che Foundation recognizes safety, opportunity and self-determination as human rights. By securing these for all, we can unleash our collective creativity, ingenuity, and potential. Ren Che Foundation invests in inclusive societies and individual empowerment to activate the full computational power of eight billion brains in service of our greatest global and local challenges. Ren Che Foundation seeks investment opportunities in the following areas:

  • Empowerment of women and girls
  • Preservation of adolescence
  • Improving access to health, education, and enrichment opportunities
  • Trauma recovery and resiliency programs for communities and individuals