September 30, 2019

Ren Che Foundation Announces 2019 Grant Awards

Ren Che Foundation is pleased to announce additional support for two ongoing partnerships and a new pilot in 2019. Renewed grant awards will support Northwest Symphony Orchestra Symphony for Students and MAHERY to continue scaling their programs after building momentum during their pilot stages. We issued a first grant to Spark Northwest for their Solarize the Land Trust pilot.

In 2019, Ren Che Foundation pledged $155,000 total towards Local Results, Global Impact initiatives. Ren Che Foundation is excited to continue partnering with MAHERY on the next stages of their pilot eHealth and environmental surveillance in Madagascar with $125,000 of support over two years. Ren Che Foundation awarded $30,000 to Spark Northwest for their Solarize the Land Trust pilot to bring solar installation to a total of ten families residing in Homestead Land Trust properties in King County.

Photo Credit: Hilary Duff, Planetary Health Alliance

Ren Che is inspired by the sustained growth in Northwest Symphony Orchestra’s Symphony for Students and congratulates them on the addition of Auburn School District and a family concert a Benaroya Hall. Ren Che committed $35,000 to NWSO for Symphony for Students under our Eight Billion Brains initiative for them to solidify the foundation of their program and sustain Symphony for Students programming and opportunities into the future.